Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Super Volcano

I have heard many different people say that the Grand Tetons National Park is their favorite over Yellowstone National Park, but for the life of me, I cannot understand why!

Don’t get me wrong. I love the Grand Tetons. They are some of the prettier mountains that I have seen, and I have seen more than my fair share of mountains on this trip. I also got some really awesome and rare moose shots in the Grand Tetons (rare because of the conditions of the shot).

The thing is, Yellowstone has so many different things to do and see, and all of them are interesting (with the possible exception of the natural bridge, which is a very long hike to a very small and unassuming arch).

Immediately upon my arrival in Yellowstone, I was faced with a heard of elk cooling off in the shade of one of the many employee barracks at Mammoth Hot Springs, one of the most beautiful set of hot springs in the park.

As I journeyed East and then South along the grand loop road, it was like a journey back in time. Each place that I stopped at was a memory from my childhood, when my parents took us on a western road trip. I remembered the creek where I caught 5 brook trout, and my first look at a bison, and the sulphur smell of the Geo-thermal features.

I took time to stop at one overlook for nearly an hour, watching and waiting for the wolves that had been showing up in this area recently. I never did see the wolves, but I saw quite a few hawks and elk.

I was so touched by the view of lower falls, from Artist’s Point, that I made a decision to drive back to the point the next morning, for what I thought would be better lighting. That night, as I camped off the side of the road in a national forest, I was visited by 6 motorcycles that pulled into my clearing, revved their engines for a couple of minutes, and then drove off.

PS: why people hate photographers


Anna Grace said...

Isn't that actually a videographer? Don't we all hate videographers?

dabishop said...

I know I do!