Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Coming Soon…

…To a maternity ward near you.

It is unusual to take maternity pictures when a mother is only 20 weeks pregnant, but then again, what do I ever do that is not unusual?

Kimberley Heger, a model in Kalispell, Montana, gave me the honors of doing her, and my, first maternity shoot. I have always thought that being a mother was one of the most wonderful and beautiful things that a woman could do, so it was a treat to be able to capture the beauty of maternity with my camera. Kimberly and I were both quite pleased with the results.

Night Light

My photographic adventure did not end in Kalispell. Just one long drive down a winding, scenic road from Kalispell is the thriving town of Missoula. Missoula is a real gem of a city, and one that I could see myself living in at some point in the future. The town of 50,000 people is home to the University of Montana, and supports a thriving downtown area, complete with bars, coffee shops, art galleries, alley ways, and on the evening that I happened to visit, a live band.

I stopped in Missoula to do a photo shoot with a student from the university there. The project that we were working on was light painting in an alleyway in the downtown area. Because of the technique, in which the camera shutter is left open for several seconds while a flashlight is used to “paint” light onto the subject, we had to shoot in a very dark area, which meant an alley at nighttime.

It is usually a bad idea to be hanging in dark alleyways at night, but Missoula seemed to be a fairly upstanding city, in that, rather than being attacked by drug dealers, we were harassed by a drunk blonde guy who wanted to hug my model, and a gaggle of drunken college girls, one of whom is actually trying to become a model.

All Forward Paddle

It is funny how people often mistreat each other, thinking that they will never see such and such person again. The truth is that our world is very small. This was illustrated to me as I walked through the parking lot of a Walmart in Missoula.

“Hey! I know that guy!”

I look up, and to my great surprise, up walks Michael, a guy that I river guided with at the JH Ranch in 2007.

So what is the moral of the story?

Be nice to everyone you meet, and not just because God told you to!


dabishop said...


I don't think I've seen night pictures like that before. That's pretty cool. Were those ghostly people in the second to last photograph some of the college students who accosted you?

Andrew Bishop said...

yes, they were the college students who accosted us.

I actually named my website after the light painting technique.

dabishop said...

What is the actual name of the light painting technique?

Andrew Bishop said...

It is called light painting. My website is www.lightpaint.net (you have to enter the www first until I get it fixed)

dabishop said...

Ah. I thought maybe it had "bare" in its title.

I didn't know you had put up another website.

Phil B said...

Hey, nice www site. Needs more picts, but you are off to a good start.

love, Dad