Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thoughts From Yesterday

I am feeling somewhat discouraged. Things have been going well on the trip so far, but I am starting understand what I knew in my head before I left. Traveling alone and with little money is both lonely and uncomfortable. Simple concept, I know, but it is a hard one to understand until you are looking for a safe place to sleep at 11:00 at night, or trying to find a cool place to escape from the hot noon sun.

Kasey always says that right after she gets into a relationship, she will get panicky and feel like she has made a mistake for a couple of weeks, and then she is okay. It is always the same pattern for her, so she just expects it, and moves on with her life.

I think that I am experiencing what Kasey felt. I have started something new, and I am afraid because it is uncomfortable and difficult. I realize that these feelings will pass, and that I will have a wonderful trip. I just need to press through it.


I was encouraged this morning. As I drove down the sea wall, I came upon a three day summer camp where kids were learning how to surf. For the next four hours, I watched as children from the ages of 4 to 14 attempted to stand up on surfboards that were, in some cases, twice their size.

Parents stood proudly on the shoreline as their children face planted into the ocean time after time. It was the second day of the camp, and many of the kids were already successfully standing up and riding the waves.

After the camp ended, I spent some time talking with Erin, a first year instructor for the camp. Erin has been surfing since she was 12, so she was excited by the opportunity to make a little summer cash as a surfing teacher.

As we talked, I found out that Erin is on track to finish a fine arts degree in just two and a half years. Like Andrea from Seaside, Erin is a painter. She told me that she likes to paint surrealism, which is not surprising considering the warped and colorful hour-glass tattoo that she has winding from her left hip all the way to the top of her shoulder.

Erin grew up in s town outside Houston, and being the younger than her three brothers and two sisters, she definitely gave off the vibe of someone that is easy to get along with.

I may stop by the surf camp again tomorrow, or I may not, but either way, meeting Erin and some of the other staff has been a helpful way to learn the area, as well as a good way to fight off loneliness.

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