Monday, July 6, 2009

Courtesy of the University of Mobile

For the last few days I have been dreading the start of my road trip. I have been plagued with doubt about whether or not it will be a good experience. I have worried over whether or not I am being realistic with my plans and goals. Most of all, I have been afraid of leaving my friends and family.

This struck me for the first time when I was waxing my truck on Wednesday. Two of my friends came over at 8 in the morning to help me get my truck washed and waxed, as well as to take care of a few other chores. After we finished, we went to Hungry Howies and split a pepperoni pizza. Then I told them bye until October.

Saying bye has taken many different forms with my different friends. I told Mary Katherine and Josh bye over the phone. Kasey and I said good bye over lunch at a Mike and Ed’s. I stopped bye Marion’s house on the way out of town. My Mom cried in the driveway as I said goodbye to her and my dad.

Some of these goodbyes were accompanied by tears, and others were made with composure. Kasey told me the other day that it seemed like just about any time she needed to get out of doing something, she could use the excuse of having to see me before I left for a month or two. I have to admit that I do leave town quite a bit. Leaving doesn’t seem to get much easier with repetition.

Keep Off Courts Without Gym Shoes

Small towns always have the best scenery. Cities may have impressive mega-structures, but it is the small towns that have the manicured main street, and the abandoned schools and water towers that I love. I stopped at several of these small towns as I made my way to mobile.

The Clock Still Worked

When you travel, simple things have a tendency to transform into daunting tasks. Oddly enough, one of my major considerations while planning this road trip was how to find showers. I was not expecting to have a free shower before I got to Houston, but luck was with me today. I decided to drive by the University of Mobile on my way into town, just to get a look at their campus. As I drove past the athletic facilities, I noticed that there is an exterior door leading to the men’s locker room. On a whim I decided to check the door, and sure enough, it was unlocked. I quickly explored the place and upon determining that the building was empty, I proceeded to take my first road trip shower, courtesy of the University of Mobile. Thanks Guys!



Anonymous said...

yay for free showers. i would never have thought about looking in a school's locker room.

also, i finished editing those pics. you should really try using a flash when taking portraits in the sunlight. odd concept, i know. but it helps eliminate so many unnecessary shadows.

lots of love my friend! take care.


Andrew Bishop said...

Thanks a bunch Marion, and I did use fill flash. I could not use any more than I did because I only have an on camera flash and It blew out the highlights to much when I shot it full power. It was just a bad time of day to be taking pictures.

Anonymous said...

I'm at work, so I'm not logged into my normal blogspot account.
I really like the picture above the pepsi clock. Were all of those pictures taken in the same building? --Daniel

Andrew Bishop said...

Most of them were taken in the abandoned Gymnasium, but one was taken in the school auditorium next door