Tuesday, June 16, 2009

This is Serious

Decisions, decisions, decisions…

I have been talking with Ana Moshenek about my commitment to work with the mission at the Delta Property, and she has asked me to consider something. She wants me to consider coming down as soon as July, and postponing my road trip until I have finished six months of work at the Delta, helping Juan to get started in ministry there. She believes that I will have a bigger impact in 6 months now, than in many more months, later on.

On the one hand, It would be a good thing to help the mission by coming down sooner to support Juan, but on the other hand, I am afraid that if I come, I will have another reason to put off my trip in 6 months and will never get around to traveling the U.S.A. This is something that I will be praying about, and I invite your advice on the topic as well. I plan to talk to my dad and some other men that I respect when I get home.

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Tyler said...

I think if you could make an impact on someones life at the present moment and not later then you should take it. U.S.A is not going anywhere but the oppurtunity to support someone in a time of need will not always be there. Pray about it answer will come in one way or another