Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Getting Started

After quite a bit of travel and quite a few headaches with Spirit Airlines (and one really great conversation with a young boy named Sean on the Greyhound bus), I have made it to San Jose, Costa Rica.  I hardly remember how to keep a blog, but one thing that I know for sure is that today has been a good start to my adventures.

It has been four or five years since I first met my friend Meghan.  As a young man, my father and I stayed with her on one of our many visits to Costa Rica.  Maybe it was the way she talked about Jesus, or maybe it was her tight jeans,  but probably it was how she had picked up and moved to Costa Rica to do what she felt like she should do.  Whatever it was, I quickly developed a crush on her.  Normally a crush like this would not be noteworthy, but this one was unique in that it allowed me time to grow.  I saw Meghan just enough over several years to keep my interest, but not so much that I had time to make a move and ruin my chances as a young and immature man.  This is the foundation that made it possible for me to finally ask her out to dinner at a little Italian restaurant, and ultimately begin what promises to be a rewarding and healthy summer romance.  If circumstances (A.K.A. permanent addresses) were different, it would be nice if this could be more than a summer romance, but for once in my life I am trying to go slow and be realistic.

What will come of this?
Maybe nothing.... but dinner and a movie tomorrow night should give us an idea.


Mountain Man
Andrew Bishop


Anna Grace said...

Be sure to get both caramel popcorn and salty popcorn at the movies. They have the BEST caramel popcorn!

Phil B said...

Sounds good to me!! Dad