Saturday, July 24, 2010

After a long Hiatus

As you have almost certainly noticed, I took a little break from blogging for the last couple of months that I was in the Jungles of Costa Rica. Life circumstances became quite overwhelming, and my blog, sadly, got placed on a back burner. My life did not stop, though, and I have quite a lot to catch you up on. Thus I present to you:

The Last Few Months of Andrew's Life, Montage!

Andrew clears a pasture! Andrew's neighbor poisons the pasture. Andrew gets a ton of new farmyard animals. Several of those farmyard animals produce more farmyard animals. Andrew is overwhelmed by the cuteness of the baby chicks in his yard. Andrew goes to Panama with Yancy Reach. Andrew translates for Panamanian immigration officials. Andrew helps an African War refugee avoid jail. Andrew visits the best fair of his life, with 19 city blocks of awesome! Andrew Meets some Swedes and then hikes with Yancy 18.6 miles up and down a volcano at midnight with only one working flashlight. Andrew and Yancy see a giant jungle cat. Andrew and Yancy pray for angels to protect them from said jungle cat. Two Canadians, a Britt, and an American come cussing up the mountain. The Jungle cat magically transforms into a sheep. Andrew and Yancy sleep in a seemingly abandoned building at the top of the mountain, and are greeted by a Panamanian in the morning. Andrew and Yancy go to the best beach in the world and meet an awesome girl. Yancy misses his flight home. Andrew and Yancy are met by the same girl who joins them on a trip to the Nicoya Peninsula. Yancy finally gets home, Andrew and the girl go do missions work on the farm. The girl gets angry and leaves. Andrew is depressed and decides to give fancy water catchment systems to his neighbors with the help of Grace Church! Andrew comes home and does nothing productive for two months, except of course starting the most awesome photography company ever with his friend Samantha Nandez

Andrew dates a really awesome girl for a couple of weeks. She is a lesbian and freaks out after dating Andrew for just a little while, but they are cool now, just not together. Andrew does not get some jobs he applied for. Andrew scores 1460 out of 1600 on the GRE! Andrew looks in his bank account and finds nothing. Andrew gets scared and starts hunting for ways to make money fast and legally. Andrew considers becoming homeless. Andrew writes this blog post.

I hope you enjoyed the last several months of my life as much as I did! Besides hunting for ways to make a quick buck, I am currently processing images from my travels and trying to put together a body of work. for the next month and a half, I hope to upload one finished landscape a day for your viewing pleasure. All of these landscapes are for sale, so shoot me an email if one strikes your fancy!

Bare Bishop


katherine elizabeth said...

Welcome back.

Samantha Nandez said...

lmao, it was fun reading this even thought I've heard most of it.

Yay new business! Now to get clients...*goes hunting*