Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Trans-Canadian Railroad

After a short trip to Kamloops, I ended up back in Vancouver two days later. I was scheduled to do a doll themed photo shoot with a model named Erica. The shoot was not extremely successful. The tiny, retro kitchen in her apartment was not the ideal place for what we were trying to achieve, though we did get some good images in the parking garage behind her apartment.

The true success of the night was making a new friend. After the shoot was over, Erica and I spent the next several hours talking about music and horror movies while we split a bottle of wine (alcohol is expensive in Canada!). We even managed to get yelled at by her crazy landlady for being to noisy. It is interesting to me that I always seem to get along the best with liberal atheists. I wonder why that is?

From Vancouver, I made my way back through Kamloops toward Banff National Park in Alberta. It was a very long drive, but also very scenic. My stomach has changed a lot over the course of the trip, so when I stopped to eat at the best Wendy’s that I have ever visited (the staff were incredibly nice, I had my food before I had my receipt, and they even brought an after dinner mint to my table) my stomach was not quite up to the task.

Luckily my digestive problems worked out to my advantage, because the rest stop that I used turned out to be the site where the trans-Canadian railway was linked. It is kinda funny the things that you stumble across in search of a bathroom.

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