Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sorry for the Long Delay

Every once in a while you just have to splurge. At least, that is what I told myself to justify the venti Mocha Frappeccino that I ordered at the original Starbucks in Seattle, WA. I was really surprised that there was not even a plaque inside to denote the special store at the corner of First Avenue and Pike Street.

Pike’s market is one of the most famous areas in Seattle, and for good reason. With the exception of the lone Starbucks, Pike’s market has no national retailers. Instead, the market is made up of local and small vendors selling all sorts of touristy goods, pastries, cloths, and my personal favorite, fish! For the low, low price of $29.99 a lb. you can buy the best smoked salmon that I have ever tasted.

I would not normally spend the money to go to a downtown market place and buy overpriced coffee, but this was a special scenario. Friends of mine from the JH Ranch were in Seattle for one evening, so I made as point to meet up with them and explore. A city is just not the same when you are alone. I much prefer having friends around so that I can take their picture while they have fresh, whole salmon thrown across a store into their waiting arms.

Some things are just better with people. It is this motto that led me to my next adventure, a three hour drive at night back to Portland, Oregon to buy a set of studio strobes and visit one of my friends.


kf.ruhamah said...

I suppose the Salmon wasn't a splurge. Wow. So what's the deal with the car on fire?

Tyler Williamson said...

We had a great time with you as well. Nice pic of Linn and the fish, bless you brother, enjoying the blog