Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Please Stop Me…

…If I ever try to move to Ashland, Oregon.

If there is one place where my flesh would have a blast, it is Ashland, Oregon. This city feels a little smaller than Tuscaloosa, and is completely surrounded by wilderness, and yet the downtown area has such an urban, artsy feel. The streets are lined with art shops, photo galleries, and outdoor stores. Beautiful people with athletic bodies and eclectic style are a dime a dozen in Ashland. In the heart of the small city is a huge park that is packed with people performing, making art, and enjoying nature in a setting that feels very much like a large metropolitan park.

Ashland has almost everything that would delight my flesh but not my soul, and for that very reason, I hope that I never live here.

Good News

I feel a little bit sad about leaving the ranch, but I just received news that makes my heart soar. I just found out that two people that I am very close to are getting married. I am so happy for them, and I could not imagine two people that are better suited for each other. I love them both so dearly, and I am about to go pray blessings over their marriage.

This ranks among the happiest days in my life, because I know how much they love each other and how much they both love the L-rd. It gives me hope that fairy tales can come true and that G-d has someone perfect planned for me.


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Phil B said...

Andrew, My heart soars for Anna and Ben, but also for you. The way you are growing in the L^rd through all of this is really gratifying.

Keep at it.

Blessings, Dad