Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Siesta Anyone?

I slept so much last night. In fact, as I lay in the floor, people were stepping over me and going about their business. When I finally woke up, I went to my sister’s room which is further out of the way and slept some more.

This is what happens to me after traveling for two days without sleep. I go into hibernation mode. Luckily, my first full day in Costa Rica was marked by more than just sleep. My sister, Anna Grace, has been here in the city of San Jose for two weeks now. After a magnificent breakfast prepared by her host mom, Grace, we set out on an adventure to find “botas Ulis” which we gringos refer to as rubber work boots.

I believe that all big cities are fundamentally the same, and that one of those fundamental characteristics is that the people of the city will give you directions to any place that you ask them about whether they know the location or not. This was the struggle as we ran about San Jose asking anyone and everyone where we could buy these boots. Finally, we found a bargain hardware store that carried what we needed, and we were able to take a long, hot bus ride back home in the city of Tibas, which is a part of San Jose.

After another fantastic meal prepared by grace, I began my third round of sleep , which lasted about three hours.

My father is connected with Campus Crusade, which is a ministry to college students, and through his connections, Anna, Ben, and I were able to spend the night with some campus crusade guys and girls, as well as teach an English class, which was a new experience for me.