Friday, June 5, 2009

Please Report Unattended Baggage

As I sit here in the airport, there is a man being trained as part of the custodial staff. He looks like he is about 43, and from the way the lady who is training him talks to him, it sounds like he must be on hard times. There is a certain way that people speak to someone who is taking a job purely out of need and not desire. It is like a mixture of pity and contempt but without any malicious intent behind it.

The Anchorage airport is virtually empty right now. A couple of passengers are walking toward their gate, dragging behind them a train of shabby wheeled luggage. Another man rises like a grumpy bear from the corner where he was sleeping as dad and I set our stuff too near to him. The custodial staff wheels his squeaky cart down the terminal, and the only other man in the area is testing his blood sugar with a black self tester.

I think I prefer airports when they are empty. Something about the quiet intercom and the sleeping travelers is very peaceful to me. It helps me to think. The other thing I like about empty airports is that you are never rushed through security. Nobody is behind you in line so you can take as long as you want to put your boots back on, and while you are doing it you can ask the security staff a friendly question or two. It is like drinking a cup of coffee with a bear.

Was Alaska Worth It?

This trip has been very good for me. Though I don’t feel like I have been greatly changed or learned some life affirming truth, I do think that I have had a wonderful opportunity to grow closer to my dad and talk with him about some stuff that I wanted to talk to him about. I also think I have sorted out a little bit better what direction I need to go with this life. Finally, this time has been a good starting point. It has been a gateway to bring me into the next phase of my life. I am so glad that G-d has given me this opportunity.

On another note entirely, I took a picture of a pretty Alaskan girl today. This was note worthy to me because I have noticed that girls here do not seem to be quite as cute as girls in the south. Researchers are still in debate about the cause of this interesting phenomenon.


Phil B said...

Great writing!!

Phil B said...

Great writing. This is the best I have seen.

about the bear said...

that girl is looking at you like you're a creepy.

and i agree with your dad, you writing is very impressive sir.